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In her book " The Power of Apology ," Beverly Engel outlines the types of people who will probably never say "I'm sorry" for even the slightest wrongdoing or hurt feelings. Without an apology, the person who's been wronged, maybe that's you , may experience feelings of anger, resentment and revenge. And these feelings fester and ooze out of you in the words your speak and through your actions.

And all you do is create more festering anger and before you know it, you're heart becomes a big black pit. In my case, my ex-husband didn't respect me. He very rarely, if ever, took responsibility for his actions. He certainly didn't care about my feelings. Empathy was a quality that missed him entirely. And without any kind of apology, I just stewed in my cesspool of bitterness. I had an amazing best friend who didn't always wallow with me. In fact, years before we both went through our respective divorces we made a pact to not wallow in collective misery.

We allowed each other what we called our Five-Minute Pity Party. If one of us needed to bitzch about something, we'd declare the five-minute rule in effect. That helped keep the wallowing and woe-is-me to a minimum, and it helped us figure out what to do about whatever had our knickers in a bunch. I moved. I sold the marital home and moved six miles down the road. I had the means to move, and I realize not everyone has the financial means to do so. But a house is a house is a house. It's a thing. And while my old house was super awesome with the most gorgeous field stone fireplace and open floor plan, it simply contained way too much negative ju-ju.

There wasn't enough cleansing, sage-ing, smudging, whatever So, I moved. And the house I bought, I bought on my own and I'm still here. In , I started writing. I took writing classes through writers. Laurie Wagner and Marc Olmsted were angels disguised as poets and essayists. Writing, along with my yoga practice, helped me put things in perspective. A love addiction is a lot like other addictions in that a person obsessively and compulsively tries to relieve or medicate the deep pain in their life with feeling loved.

If someone is a love addict, they think they cannot live without the other person no matter how toxic , and you will do just about anything to keep the relationship alive. Gina wrote: The question would be why people stay with someone who cheats over and over again. The more you love someone, the more power you give them to hurt you. So, no love, then no hurt. A good guideline is to measure out your emotions according to your age, how much you really know about a person, and your true prospects for a life-time together. Guys or girls who get into relationships and quickly put the gas pedal to the floor emotionally are going to have so many wrecks, their love life might be permanently damaged because trust is hard to come by.

What can I do? He has shown his girlfriend and himself that he is an untrustworthy person. I believe it is, if he truly loves her and is truly sorry for what he did.

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Most guys just say to themselves, I did it. I told her I was sorry. She might be feeling he is not really sorry for what he did. She also might want to make sure he pays the price for his actions and punishes him breaking up with him. So, how do you do this? For some of these men, it is a game they are playing. They take pride in breaking hearts. But sadly, for most of them, they are just aimlessly breaking hearts because they really have no plan, no goal beyond doing what feels good in the moment.

Being right with ourselves means that we will send the wrong kind of men packing before they get one paw in the door. Another poster had a story where the man moved to another state without even telling her. I knew he was the kind of man who would do that. I could see how trivial I was in his life. How hurt is she? That is the false belief that must be broken. Oh, boy, Elgie — great post! I met a guy online dating 5 years ago.

He blew hot and cold, the classic Mr Unavailable but so charming! I fell for him and we would meet up regularly for sex. Fast forward 5 years and I am still waiting for him. Longing to hear from him and see him. In May he suddenly disappeared. One Friday evening he turned up at my house claiming he had damaged his phone and wanted my number. I confronted him with the baby and marriage information and totally denied it. Anyway, he never did text me I have never been given his number — he finally emailed me and said that he wanted us to be friends with benefits.

I said no and finally stopped contact on Tuesday. I am heartbroken. I feel such a fool. I really hope that I start to feel better soon. Thank you Nat for your excellent advice. Seriously, you have dodged a bullet and you did nothing wrong. Do not turn to this douche canoe for validation of your feelings as it is in his interest to not validate your feelings. That deep yearning you feel to call him and have him confirm to you in his words that he is a douche canoe — that yearning has to be validated by you yourself.

NC and stick to it. Thank you for your comments and support. I keep on thinking of questions I wish I had asked him but as he has lied to me for years, his answers would probably not be true so I am not going to give in and email him. No contact is continuing and despite feeling a bit sad for a while today, overall I do feel better than I did. Tracy — Poor You. And Poor future wife of his.

He Will continue this behavior with Many Many others in the future.

Should You Stay Or Go When Your Partner Cheats? 6 Things To Consider, According To An Expert

Yeah the ex act tried to comeback but by then I was done. You see for me once I got over him there was coming back. You see because I already knew how he was he showed me! So I was under no illusion he was different no matter how hard he pretended to care. There was no way I was going to put myself through that pain again for HIM!

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You see for me once I stopped caring there is no going back. People show you who they are and never kid yourself into thinking there is a different person inside them. Case in point: my father. He has had many horror stories from drug and alcohol abuse and just plain risky behavior. And a few near death experiences and lots of broken bones and stitches , yet he refuses to regulate his mindless risk taking.

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I cut contact with him years ago because he is a creep. And dangerous.

He does not. I am the one who spent years at a university and obtained a degree. He left high school at 15 and obtained no further schooling. The man is barely literate. Oh, well. I guess it just goes to show what kind of creepy can lurk behind a seemingly desirable online profile. This comment has been removed at the request of commenter. I am sorry your ex is an assclown!

He was seeing her behind your back. He was dishonest and insensitive. Trust me, if a person can look you in your face and leave you for someone else and will do it again. I am sorry this happened but he was not the man you thought he was. He left. Again, a decision he made. No-one forced him. He did it because he wanted to and he liked it. Every single moment. The truth is the only thing that will set you free.

See him for what he actually is and you will get over him. It is possible he was not physical with this woman during your 3. But he was definitely emotionally invested in her. And he was pragmatic in your relationship, by that I mean, he made a rational decision to be faithful to you but he never put down any permanency with you. A rented house, no children. Probably no talk of you two setting a wedding date. He loves you, and he liked the pleasant life you two created, but he gets stomach flutters when thinking of the possibility of being with that other woman.

Whether we want to believe it or not, when a man wants you to be his, he tries to lock you down with commitment as soon as possible. They know right away. If it provides companionship and food and few fights, why walk away? A man is just confused.. I feel you girl. I think the best thing you can do right now is to let go of him because he has done nothing good in your relationship. He keeps cheating on you twice so why still keeping him back? No matter how many times I block and unblock her, how many times I ignore his messages, I had this disillusion that he still cared for me because he was persistent and consistent.

But misery love company. I am a 38 year old professional and should know and see all the red flags but let them fairy tale idea that he will change for me. Not true.

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You can move on it you still allow the past to be in the present. I should be looking for a man who will love me and treat me right all the time because I would do the same for that man. Good luck ladies.. Thanks Karen, I think this forum is always great to find strength with others going through the same problems. But the sayings are right.. One day at a time… I try to go workout to kill time.

But I do love and miss him. I just wished he was a better man. He may be for another or perhaps, this is how he is. Time will heal. Im stupid for even giving him time of day after that!! We have to stay strong x. Its all lies of course dangling carrot you never catch it. Stay strong and no your not alone x. Hi Karen.. Now living with yet another woman.. I am 60 divorced a womaniser when I was 31 never been one to be 2nd best met and married a lovely man some years later unfortunately he became ill and died.

Ask Ammanda: My husband keeps cheating

Been out with a couple of others.. I was putty in his hands.. That was almost 2 years ago only saw him on a few occasions but…. Telling them he was a decent man and not using me when In fact he kept letting me down!! After the 3rd letdown i did tell him to clear off but.. Stay strong xx. But i have always been attracted to charmers and they are always no good when you really get to know them there selfish nasty sods its there way or high way. At least you had a lovely husband but awful he died so you know what a lovely decent man is. Where to good for these pee takers let them go.

Its really helped me knowing there people out there like me its a bloody mine field out there stay strong i am x. Just memories of how they have mentally abused women along the way…well.. People reap what they sew. I hopefully have learnt my lesson after 1st ever EU and i will trust my gut instincts in future, i even asked him if he was playing me after 1st date and I still went on a 2nd and more.. At the time he was making me worry about myself and my ability to judge people but that of course was his intention…. Thankfully commonsense took over and saved me from digging myself into a deeper hole..

I can only say and I know you agree with me.. Life really is too short x. Hi overhimnow i agree i think these men will die lonely old men or in nursing homes hitting on the young nurses thinking they still got it!! Very sad, friends always say am to fussy but am not my last ex was not good looking at all he was tall and i liked that am easy pleased lol mind you he thinks he is all that and hes not ugly outside and in.

They play mind games with you i did same as you i accused him many times of playing with me he denied it now i know i was right your intuition is never wrong am going really listen to it in future. Would be nice to meet a man but am going just try and make my self happy along the way. Hope you meet a nice guy too we deserve it and all women on here do x. Save Save Add to favorites Related posts:. Share this LauraG on August 10, at pm.

Sarah, I can so feel for you. Jo on August 10, at pm. Jules on August 10, at pm. Nutbrownhare on August 10, at pm. Nell on August 11, at am. Karen on August 11, at am. Butterfly on August 17, at pm. Maggie on August 11, at am. Thank you! What you wrote was exactly what I needed to read. Nell on August 11, at pm. Jacquie on August 11, at am. E on August 11, at pm. Cindy on August 14, at am. Sharon Reeve on August 11, at am. This is really good advice Natalie!

Thank you for being the life raft in the sea. It'sBetterNow on August 11, at am. I was cheated on, lied to, received an std, and impregnated all in my teens. No matter what I tried, I always ended up miserable with men who did not value me. Ovehimnow on August 31, at pm. Good advice Natalie l need to take myself. Donna on August 11, at am. Silje on August 11, at am. Dear Sarah, I feel for You.

Selflove healing compassion and so forth is essential. Bur first things first. Dont EVER ever beat up yourself. You Can help this. Be Nice to yourself.

Thank you Silje…you are so smart!!! Melissa on November 5, at pm. Vicki Long on August 11, at pm. I deserve better and will no longer allow those with these characteristics to enter my life. Wanda on August 11, at pm. This really hit home for me Wanda. Crystal on August 11, at pm. E on August 12, at am. Donna on August 12, at am. Crystal on August 13, at am. Claire A.

Becky on August 31, at am. Warm Hugs. Yikes, Nell. That is awful. Nell on August 13, at am. Crystal on August 13, at pm.