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As an added gem, a preface by Howard Eiland discusses the genesis and structure of the work, which marks the culmination of Benjamin's attempt to do philosophy concretely. Walter Benjamin — was the author of many works of literary and cultural analysis.

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It forms the subjective counterpart to the masses of materials brought together for the project on the Paris arcades. The historical archetypes he wished to lay out in their social-pragmatic and philosophical provenance in the study of Paris were to be illuminated by lightning flashes of immediate remembrance in the Berlin book, which throughout laments the irretrievability of what, once lost, congeals into an allegory of its own demise. For the images this book unearths and brings strangely near are not idyllic and not contemplative.

Over them lies the shadow of the Third Reich.

Berlin Childhood around 1900

And through them dreamily runs a shudder at the long forgotten. Conceived in the early Thirties, the Berlin Childhood belongs in the orbit of that primal history of the modern world on which Benjamin was working during the last thirteen years of his life. See All Customer Reviews.

Walter Benjamin has written relatively early, insightful studies of popular culture. This work includes that, but is mainly a demonstration of exploring one's own memories, particularly to find signs of what was coming, the future to which those events led. The details are sometimes warm and cozy, at other times eerie and a little surreal. It is then a collection of little pieces of writing, not all of which might please you, but if you are interested in exploring memory, you will find something there.

Berlin Childhood around 1900

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Berlin Childhood around 1900

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